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8 Reasons You Should Choose Wellhouse Cabinets for Your Kitchen Remodel

Accurate Measurements

This is one of the most important aspects of what we do. Inaccurate measurements can make or break the project. Avoid Costly mistakes by leaving this cumbersome task to us.


Moveable space allows you to fully enjoy your time in the kitchen and get the most usage out of every square foot.  We hand measure and sketch before transferring it to the cosmetic phase to ensure that above all else, the kitchen is user friendly.

Considering Appliance Locations

Often, when a customer is planning to get new cabinets they are also getting new appliances. We incorporate the size and placement of the new appliances because we know that upgraded dishwashers, stoves etc. are often not the same standard size they were 20 years ago. Most manufacturers provide the specs we need to include these dimensions in cabinet layouts.


As with lighting, plumbing needs to be accurately installed to accommodate appliances like dishwashers, trash compactors and refrigerators as well as sinks and faucets. These are important components we will need to work around when installing your new cabinets to be sure you inform us of any expected changes or upgrades like garbage disposals, water filters, etc.


Lighting completes the mood of a room and enhances the quality craftsmanship of your new kitchen cabinets. If you plan on utilizing under-cabinet lighting, track or recessed lights, it’s a lot easier and more affordable;e if your electrician can do the preliminary work before the cabinets go up. Make sure to give him the measurements so that he knows the height and depth.

Quality Craftsmanship of Cabinets and Accessories

What is the point of going through all of this if the actual materials being installed aren’t up to par? We use top notch manufacturers, software and tools in our seamless countertop installations.

Doors, Handles & Accessories

A common problem in small kitchens is when stove/refrigeration doors don’t clear the cabinet after handles are installed because a spacer wasn’t utilized. If you’ve ever had a kitchen drawer that stuck or a cabinet that won’t clear, you’ll appreciate how Wellhouse Cabinetry pays close attention to the functionality of your beautiful kitchen cabinet design. Avoid the issues by hiring an expert, or resolve the issues by utilizing our team. We can also make customized exceptions for your needs such as pull-out drawers for your trashcan.


This is not a project you want to do alone. Installing cabinets is a two person job at best. Cabinets can be awkward, heavy and difficult to place and our professionals have the skills and tools needed to make adjustments and executive decisions as they arise. Save yourself the stress and call on our experts today.

Let Wellhouse Cabinetry enhance your home with cabinets, countertops, and designs. Feel free to visit our showroom or contact us!

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